Thursday, August 9, 2012

Feliz (Temprano) Día De Los Muertos! - An Impressive DIY Costume From Pinterest

It’s August, which means, in my world anyway, that it’s time to start working on Halloween ideas.
There are a couple of things swirling around my brain, but it’s going to be hard to outdo last year’s get-up.

I’m a BIG fan of the Dia de los Muertos celebrations, and find it to be a wonderful way to honor the loved ones who are no longer with us.

While browsing Pinterest sometime last summer, I came across this striking version of the sugar skull face paint and knew that my costume for Halloween ’11 would be based off the beautiful work. 

Red is more my pallet so I set out to find the supplies, made one practice run a few weeks prior to the festivities, and set aside two hours the day of to make sure everything was just right.

I used:
Regular ol’ Halloween make-up from Halloween Express in white and red
Make-up sponges
Clinique potted liquid eyeliner in black
Clear and red rhinestones
Eyelash adhesive
Red super fine glitter
Long false lashes
Silk flowers

First wash and exfoliate your face. The cleaner and fresher the skin, then better.
Next cover your face in white make-up. I preferred a lighter touch with the white, and made sure to avoid the eye area, as that would be red and I didn’t want it to end up being pink.
Fill in the entire eye socket area with red, making sure to keep the lines as clean as possible.
Now the fun part! Draw the design that you’d like using the potted liquid liner. You can use a small paint brush or a regular eyeliner brush, like I did.
Dab red and blend as needed to enhance your look. You’ll also want to blend a bit of black in with the color to create a more shadowed look.

This next part takes a lot of time and patience. You’re going to use the eyelash adhesive to glue the individual rhinestones into place. I chose to alternate red and clear, and use larger shaped stones on different parts of my face.  

Next, and you may want to brush on a little fresh red paint first, dab plenty of red glitter in the area of your eyes closest to your nose. You can’t tell by the picture, but it REALLY sparkled!

Finally, line your eyes with the liquid liner and adhere the lashes.

My hair was very short at this point in time (I was growing out “the Rihanna” look) so I picked up a really cheap wig. To create a more natural look, I pulled my longest pieces forward, attached the wig using plenty of bobby pins, then used my fingers to curl back my actual hair in big pieces, creating the old-fashioned look before pinning the flowers into place.

For the costume, I used a pirate dress that I already had and pinned it up in the middle and sides with a black petticoat underneath. This was topped off with a black corset, black fishnets and red pumps, again, things that I already had. Total cost for this costume?

Have you thought about how you might dress up this Halloween? Has anything on Pinterest caught your eye? What have you conquered on your boards?
Link-up and tell me about it!


  1. This is so awesome, I too have been dying to do this! I'm so ready for Halloween now!! Thanks for linking up!!

  2. No problem! You should DEFINITELY do it! Fair warning: be prepared to stop and take pictures with total strangers ALL. NIGHT. LONG. lol